Since October 2013, the murine norovirus (MNV) has been included as test virus (efficacy testing of hand disinfectants) in the EN 14476

Hygiene measures in case of noroviruses Noroviruses trigger acute inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and occur worldwide, mainly during the winter months from November to April. Hygiene measures – especially hand disinfection – must be carried out consistently to prevent and control their spread. Noroviruses are nonenveloped viruses that require particularly powerful disinfectants. Infection, symptoms […]

Deadly plague epidemic rages in Madagascar

An epidemic of the deadliest form of plague, pneumonic, has hit major cities and towns in Madagascar and is spreading fast. As of 7 October, the Madagascar Health Ministry reported that 343 people had been infected and 42 died, and numbers are rising rapidly. A massive response is underway, and the World Health Organization (WHO) […]